Reader, have you ever breathed... the perfume of passion? The one that overturns orders and overturns reason?

It is even whispered that a perfume, like a novel, tells a story and invites you to travel. Perhaps to the doors of a Grand Hotel in Budapest, where the refined atmosphere is inspired by the Paris of the Roaring Twenties. The stage is set...
Ah! the splendour of the Belle Époque... its bubbling culture, its art, its distinction. Bugaia has preserved the aura of this folklore, reviving the golden age of this sophistication.

The creation of a House of Fragrances is about bringing the past into the present.

It is also - and perhaps above all - a matter of style, soul and sensations.

An olfactory journey through emotions.
It is to combine the world of perfumery with interior design.

Yes, perfume is no longer just a fragrance, but a fantasy materialized in an object that must be described, if not offered.

Shaped like minimalist jewel cases, the bottles are transformed into real collector's items.

After the sketch, the achievement, that of a formidable odyssey of the senses erected by Romane Temin as an absolute symbol of the art of living. In her wake, elegance is the order of the day. In the beautiful escape of her imagination, we make her choices and inspirations our own. Romane is rooted in authenticity, transmission and passion and plays with architectural codes, fashion and decoration. Her unalterable desire to use the excellence of French know-how, to distil evanescent essences and to bring the material to life reflects all her passion.

It is for its semantics that " Bugaïa

This is how Bugaia is told.

Bugaia was born out of the desire to bring back the times, the genres and the beautiful materials, while keeping an ethical conscience.