The olfactory pyramid

Since the Antiquity, the perfume traces an elegant, poetic and dreamy trail. It arouses emotions in those who smell it or wear it. It tells a story, transports and sometimes evokes some reminiscences. Nevertheless, its composition is based on physical and scientific foundations. Evocative for some, totally unknown for others, the olfactory pyramid raises questions. An initiatory journey into the vaporous world of perfume.

What is the olfactory pyramid?

If semantics is meant to be metaphorical and allows us to visualize its architecture, the olfactory pyramid defines the structure of a perfume in the world of perfumery.

It is composed of the top, middle and bottom notes. It is a bit like a book that you open (top notes), read (middle notes) and close, keeping memories that are sometimes imperishable (base notes). Let's now detail the pages of the book...

The top notes: the perfume's hook

They are at the top of the pyramid and it is with them that the olfactory journey begins. The top notes characterize the odors that we smell from the first vaporization. They are thelightest and therefore most ephemeral molecules , lasting from 0 to 2 hours. The more important the top note is, the lighter, fresher and more volatile the fragrance will be. Aromatics or fresh citrus are frequently used as top notes.

The middle notes: the identity of the fragrance

In the center, the heart notes compose the soul of the fragrance. They give the perfume its personality by leaving a trace for several hours (2 to 4 hours). The palette of scents frequently used are floral, fruity or spicy. Thus, when you light your candle, they will create this olfactory signature.

The base notes: the memory of the perfume

They form the base of the pyramid and serve to fix the perfume to make it last over time. Very tenacious, they last for hours, sometimes days, and are often composed of woody, spicy or leathery raw materials. Isadora's air d'intérieur, will ensure the longevity of the fragrance so as to leave its imprint in your home sweet home.

Olfactory epilogue

The sense of smell is fascinating because of its sensitivity and its ability to distinguish between a multitude of odorous molecules, from the most evanescent to the most persistent. However, it depends on the subjectivity and culture of each person, implying different perceptions. The type of skin is also important. Perfume is "personalised" according to the person who wears it. All you have to do is awaken your senses and let the magic happen...

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